Sweet corn season has begun, we have corn available on the farm daily.

Our price this year is $5.00 per dozen, $2.50 a half dozen and 50 cents an ear for less then 6



Twenty-six years ago, we planted strawberries in a torrential downpour and what seemed like a foot of mud. Selling the dairy cows and transitioning to strawberries felt like a giant leap of faith with a steep learning curve. When a field of blossoms appeared a couple months later, it felt like a little miracle.

Since that very first year, we've learned a lot and we've seen a lot. We raised our family in the strawberry patch: Three boys who went on to start their own families and teach our six grandchildren (and counting) that vision, dedication, and patience pay off.

Many of you formed family traditions around strawberry season and became like family to us, too. We've seen many of you grow up from toddlers to adults who now bring your own toddlers to the fields. We've been visited in the patch by newborns and centenarians. We've learned so much from so many of you.

We've benefited from the dedication of hundreds of employees over the years. We did our best to demonstrate first-hand the values of hard work, exceptional customer service, and offering a smile to someone who needs it. Strawberries offer important lessons that we hope were applicable outside of the patch: That sometimes you still have to show up when life isn't easy, even on muggy mornings and hot days.

For us, growing strawberries has always been about community. Strawberry season at Prellwitz Produce wouldn't have been possible without you--our dedicated customers--over the years. You've stuck with us all this time, through years when berries where plentiful and in years when Mother Nature threw a few curve balls our way.

But, after 26 years of growing strawberries, we have made the difficult decision that this was our final season. We are choosing to instead spend more time with our family and move on to other things.

We are so grateful to each and every one of you for your support over the years.

With gratitude,
Chuck, Diane, Andy, Stephanie, and the Prellwitz Family