We grow about 16 acres of strawberries each year. We use a variety of strawberry varieties to extend our season and offer berries that range in size, sweetness and flavor. 

We have our favorite varieties that we plant year after year -- Jewel, Honeoye and Cavendish -- and also experiment annually by growing new varieties.

Flags are color-coded by variety, so be sure to ask us if you're curious or have any questions about your strawberries!


sugar snap & sheLL

Nothing beats the phenomenal crunch and flavor of a freshly-picked, right-off-the-vine pea. 

We are known for our strawberries, but many customers are delighted to learn that we also sell pre-picked and pick-your-own peas during strawberry season. We grow sugar-snap (eat the whole pod) and shell peas (shuck to eat the pea). 




The most recent addition to the farm is five acres of grapes, which are used to make Vines & Rushes wine. The winery has a tasting room and is bustling most weekends with art fairs, live music, tasting dinners and everything in between.

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There is just over an acre of raspberries and blackberries grown at the farm. This tasty endeavor is managed by Jeff and Sheri Prellwitz as The Brambles, so be sure to check out their Facebook page below to learn more.